Q: Who is Ashley Brooke Roberts?
A: Just a gal in the world, having a great time, and wishing Americans would embrace bugs as a viable source of protein.

Q: How do I get the next edition of "Ashley Explains It All"?
A: Click here.

Q:  How long does it take to become a sushi chef in Japan?
A: 20 years; much longer than it takes to become a doctor.  


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Just like a Kardashian

Q: Does ABR really stand for “Ask, Believe, Receive”?
A: If you work in a pseudo-Christian crystal shop in New Jersey, yes.

Q: What is Ashley’s favorite animal fact?
A: One time a kitten scratched her eye and she fainted. That’s her favorite fact. 

Q: Her second?
A: Otters have a little skin pocket where they keep their favorite rock, which they use to hammer stuff and crack open clams.

Q: Who played Queen Azura, evildoer under Ming the Merciless, in the 1938 Saturday morning serial “Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars”?
A: Beatrice Roberts, winner of the "Most Beautiful Girl in Evening Gown" award for the 1924 and 1925 Miss America pageant, ex-wife of Robert Ripley (creator of Ripley's Believe It or Not!), actress who appeared in nearly 60 Hollywood films; no relation to Ashley Brooke.