Lily the Cat




I’m a stand up comedian, writer, and actress. In addition, I have a large amount of respect for authority figures, an extensive Disney pin collection, and a Bug Out Bag for when the S.H.T.F.

I host a stand up show every third Saturday of the month at 11:30pm with comedian Jim Tews at the UCB SubCulture called Fresh Out! NY.

I teach 10-year-olds stand up at Gotham Comedy Club. 

I was a writer for Nat Geo Explorer where I took a shot of Wild Turkey with Dan Rather and was held in a loving embrace by Jeff Goldblum.

I was an actress on the UCB Maude teams The Prom and Absolutely, as well as the all-lady sketch show Bullshit Women.

I’ve been in commercials for all your favorite household products (Febreeze, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Seamless).

In college, I won an award from the Associated Press for general news reporting for writing about a county board member with ties to dog fighting.

And I have written an erotic novel called The Kings Property, which details the adventures of Fritz and the last honest men in the apocalypse.

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Casually hanging out with friends